Architectural Landscape

Painting architecture requires a strong grasp on perspective and I cover that in detail with multiple on-site sketches and a studio demo.


Skill Level

Those who have a firm understanding of the Fundamentals course and are seeking a better understanding of painting architecture representationally.

What's in this course?

Learning to paint buildings and structures is an integral part of a landscape painter’s repertoire, and in this section I will teach you how I approach architecture for both plein air and the studio. I love architectural landscape painting because it’s one of the first subjects I studied in college and I credit it with teaching me the fundamentals of drawing and how to paint natural light.

Have your sketchbook handy for this one as it is a helpful tool when planning out your composition. I explain how sketching informs my painting practice and why architectural landscape is a crucial subject to master when it comes to linear perspective, composition and value.

Learn how to paint structures– both in plein air and from photograph– through a focus on linear perspective, composition and value. Painting architecture can serve as a jumping off point for a greater understanding of composition and perspective, so you will leave this course with tools that can be applied to a variety of subject matters.

Course Curriculum 

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Architectural Landscape


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