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Core Curriculum

Start your painting education on solid foundations with a bundle of our Core Curriculum. Includes:

Unapologetically Acrylic Fundamentals

Learn the tools and techniques of a modernized approach to painting with acrylics. With a focus on still life, you will see how I understand color, light and composition as I take you through my process from start to finish.


Beginner 101

In this course, you will learn how to handle your brush, identify and mix colors, properly apply paint to a surface and much more. My purpose for creating this Beginner section is to remove the intimidation that comes with starting a new art practice. I’ll cover many roadblocks that a novice painter may encounter so that you can jump into the Fundamentals course with ease.


By Candlelight: Halloween Demo

Nocturne paintings provide an excellent opportunity for understanding light and value and I focus in-depth on those in this Halloween-inspired still life demo. Build upon what you’ve learned in the Fundamentals course with an emphasis on brush economy and how it can help you describe a lot of information in just a few strokes. 

I’ll also show how using multiple different light sources with candles can create ambiance in a way that is different than direct light. You will walk away feeling more confident with your brush strokes and using creative lighting in your still life paintings.


Greenhouse Demo

I started making greenhouse paintings a few years into my art practice for two reasons: I have a deep-rooted love of plants, and also recognized that painting botanicals was initially difficult for me, so the confined setting of a greenhouse was a welcome first step.

This greenhouse demo will help you understand the technical approach to creating representational plants as well as providing valuable lessons on linear perspective and painting the color green. Students will gain a more informed grasp of painting the color green, both in its value and its undertones.


One Upfront Payment

  • 4 courses
  • 8h 40m of Distilled Video Learning
  • 116 Chapter Based Videos
  • Classroom Instruction
  • 5 Painting Demos
  • 5 Drills
  • PDF Download

What People Are Saying:

NSAS has been an invaluable resource in the development of my craft. Sari’s teaching style is loaded with technical insights you’d expect from formal education but delivered in a fun and easy to understand approach. Everyone is so supportive and I actually LOVE reaching out for friendly critiques and advice when I am stuck on a piece. Sari even joins us LIVE weekly to answer any questions we may have. I highly recommend enrolling, it has been such a game changer for me!


Sari’s course is allowing me to develop my art skills in ways I never imagined possible. And having personal access to her insights through the Facebook group is a mental and technique booster and game changer.


Not Sorry Art School is one of the best investments I’ve made for myself. Sari breaks information down in a thoughtful and organized way that makes it easy to understand. Each lesson is packed with information, and if you still have questions, sari is more than happy to deep dive on your questions during her live Q&A. She is always adding new material to her course so you are always getting the most for your purchase. Whether you are completely new to painting or looking to refine your current skills, not sorry art school has something for you.


I’ve looked at hundreds of videos online, studied the styles and approaches of numerous artists, and have even considered art school. Like many painters, I feel like I have something to offer but am also overwhelmed at the hundreds of stylistic approaches that painters have. Purchasing Sari’s course was the best decision I made because she demonstrates that yes, there are rules, but there is so much opportunity to play around and make your own artistic choices. I would recommend this course for any beginner and intermediate painters who want to learn how to mix colors more, how to have a cohesive palette, and many many other basic fundamentals to painting (& in the Sari style!). Art terminology can seem complicated and intimidating but this course is not only comprehensible but also very engaging. Thanks very much Sari!


I am new to painting and at the age of 44 decided to be brave and give it a go. The course is truly, amazing and informative. I have learnt so much about color, saturation etc. in a way that never made sense before. Not only is the basic course amazing and full of information, Sari keeps adding new demos and lessons. I would recommend Not Sorry Art School a thousand times over. Then the cherry on the cake is that Sari has a live every Monday and answers all our questions. She often does extra demos based on our questions to make things clearer for us. Being part of Not Sorry Art school is amazing you and you WILL NOT BE SORRY.


Not Sorry Art School has been a place to land for me as I picked painting back up after several years away. I didn’t have any formal training but I’ve found that the intro sections all the way through the more detailed dive into technical aspects make it really approachable content as I continue to improve. I’m always looking forward to new sections. It’s an incredibly robust course that keeps me engaged and learning and experimenting. Sari’s teaching style encourages me to challenge myself technically but also lean in and appreciate my instincts as an artist. This is the best investment I’ve made in my practice so far.