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Want to learn about the life and work of David Hockney?

Get familiar with the life and work of David Hockney. Not only will this course teach you what makes him such a genius but I will also create one of his paintings in a master study before then creating my own Hockney inspired original.  

  •  Discover Hockney's biggest influences
  •  Gain deeper understanding of painting through photography
  •  Learn how to use Eastern perspective techniques in your works

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Are you looking to improve your skills in creating portrait paintings in acrylic and oils? Join me for an intensive workshop and learn the techniques of past masters, as well as how to use drawing, tone, and color to create structure and likeness.

This workshop will help you develop your creative skills by exploring various approaches and techniques when it comes to painting a portrait. Get ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone and create something amazing!

 Get a step-by-step guide on how to paint portraits in both acrylic and oils. We’ll cover:

  • How a few of my favorite past masters approached portrait paintings
  • Drawing and how to achieve likeness, without getting bogged down in perfectionism
  • Achieving desired color and tone in skin tones 
  • The benefits of using a limited color palette, such as the Zorn Palette
  • Working with a live model
  • Basics of painting in oils
  • Differences in painting with acrylics and oils and when to utilize both 

Gain lifetime access to this course including full video lectures, reference images, and notes. You won't need to worry about missing anything or frantically scribble notes at a weekend workshop; pause, rewind and rewatch videos at any time.

One Upfront Payment

  • 4 hrs of distilled video learning
  • Stream 30 Chapter Based Videos
  • 2 Full Demos
  • 4 Studies
  • 5 Drills

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