Join me for an intensive portrait workshop in both acrylic and oils. Start with a look at how my favorite past masters approached portraits, then explore how drawing, tone and color can be used to create structure and likeness in your portraits.


Skill Level

Those with a firm understanding of the Fundamentals course and are wanting to level up their skill in painting portraits.

What's in this course?

Get a step-by-step guide on how to paint portraits in both acrylic and oils. We’ll cover:

  • How a few of my favorite past masters approached portrait paintings

  • Drawing and how to achieve likeness, without getting bogged down in perfectionism

  • Achieving desired color and tone in skin tones 

  • The benefits of using a limited color palette, such as the Zorn Palette

  • Working with a live model

  • Basics of painting in oils

  • Differences in painting with acrylics and oils and when to utilize both

Gain lifetime access to this  course including full video lectures, reference images, and notes. You won't need to worry about missing anything or frantically scribble notes at a weekend workshop; pause, rewind and rewatch videos at any time.

Pricing Options

Access this course in two ways:



One Upfront Payment

  • 4 hrs of distilled video learning
  • Stream 30 Chapter Based Videos
  • 2 Full Demos
  • 4 Studies
  • 5 Drills

Included in Lifetime Tuition


With Lifetime Tuition Purchase

  • Stream all 320+ Videos
  • Over 28 hours of highly distilled learning
  • Access ALL FUTURE Courses 
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