Social Media Marketing for Artists

A comprehensive guide for artists approaching social media– setting boundaries, marketing your work and establishing sustainable practices to avoid burnout. 


Skill Level

All painters looking to increase their presence online for the purpose of growing their income and/or expanding their network.

What's in this course?

I breakdown my comprehensive approach to social media marketing by sharing how I grew my art business and how that can be applied to you. We’ll establish necessary boundaries to make sure that art remains the top priority in your day-to-day. By applying what you learn in this course, you will be in charge of your social media marketing and not the other way around.

  • Market your work across social media and the internet
  • Prioritize your art practice 
  • Avoid burnout 
  • Take control of social media instead of allowing it to control you

Social media is about much more than a follower count and likes, and here I share my methods for building a presence online while maintaining a sustainable creative practice. 

Art and the marketing of art can often be at odds with each other; a screen simply cannot convey the scale and complexity of a work of art, and a poorly performing post can discourage even the most confident artists. But the reality is that sharing work on social media is the most accessible way to have your work seen. So boundaries have to be set so that social media doesn’t negatively affect your work, and I have established a roadmap for you to thrive online while avoiding burnout and discouragement.

My social media and marketing approach has been cultivated by years of following trends and posting best practices, but just as crucial has been the boundary work I have implemented so that I don’t get overwhelmed online. By focusing on boundaries and finding the golden thread that sets your work apart, you can develop a sustainable social media marketing plan that enhances work you’re producing in the studio.

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Social Media Marketing for Artists


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