The Artist's Nightmare

A problem solving course to help you confidently face the most difficult subjects and troubleshoot your own paintings, series, and entire painting practice.


Gain the skills and confidence to take your art to the next level with The Artist's Nightmare.


This course helps artists of all levels tackle challenging subjects and overcome common problems in their paintings and art practice. As part of the Not Sorry Art School Lifetime Tuition, it complements the Acrylic Fundamentals course, providing further insights into professional troubleshooting techniques.

What's in the course?

First I’ll paint a “nightmare” painting of all the most requested, challenging subjects. We’re talking patterns, weird lighting, hands, translucent plastic, and flowers. You'll also learn how to work with client requests and incorporate objects not present in the painting. I break everything down step by step, starting with drawing all the way through finishing touches. 

But it's not just about technique. I'll address the mental and emotional challenges that come with being an artist. The Pep Talk section is dedicated to helping you work through the creative process and understand how to tackle issues such as when a portion of a painting isn't working or when a series isn't working. We'll provide strategies to help you overcome these challenges and find new ways of achieving your artistic goals.

If you’re feeling stuck in your entire art practice, The Artist's Nightmare offers insights and solutions for artists who are struggling with their creative practice. Taking breaks, engaging in play, and balancing your inputs and outputs are just a few ways to help spark creativity and manage the anxiety and perfectionism that can arise. Additionally, the course offers practical advice on how to find time to create, and how to validate and prioritize your artistic pursuits to others in your support network.

I’m here to help you overcome your painting nightmares and reach your full potential as an artist. Join our community of learners and gain access to our online course and private Facebook Community, where you can ask questions, share your progress, and connect with other artists. 


  • 2h 32m of Video Learning
  • 15 Chapter Based Videos
  • Classroom Instruction
  • 1 Studio Demo

Learn to

  • Paint challenging subjects, including patterns, weird lighting, hands, and translucent plastic, step by step
  • Work with client requests and incorporate objects not present in the painting
  • Address mental and emotional challenges artists face and strategies to overcome creative hurdles
  • Work through issues when a portion of a painting isn't working or when a series isn't working
  • Discover strategies to spark creativity and manage anxiety and perfectionism
  • Find time to create and prioritize your artistic pursuits and communicate these effectively to others

Don't let your painting challenges hold you back. Enroll today in Not Sorry Art School today to access The Artist’s Nightmare and unlock your true artistic potential.

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