Water Mastery

Painting water can be intimidating, but with the help of this course it doesn’t have to be. Join us on location and in-studio to learn how to approach water and implement painterly shorthand.


Have you ever gazed at a beach scene, captivated by the mesmerizing dance of waves and the play of light upon the water?

If you've dreamed of capturing these magical moments on canvas, you've found the perfect course! We're here to help you unlock your inner artist and conquer the art of painting water with confidence, creativity, and joy.


Imagine standing at your easel, brush in hand, ready to breathe life into your water-inspired masterpieces. This course is an immersive journey into the art of painting water, designed to awaken your passion, ignite your curiosity, and propel you towards your artistic goals. Our expert instructor will guide you through engaging exercises, enlightening demos, and hands-on practice to make your oceanic dreams a reality. Are you READY to dive in?


Throughout the course, you'll explore:

  • Plein air painting and beach scenes, capturing the essence of the ocean's charm

  • Using photographs and real-life observations to fuel your creativity

  • Techniques for working with light, reflection, and atmosphere

  • Mastering color palettes, gradients, and expressive brushstrokes

  • The power of experimentation, risk-taking, and artistic growth


Embark on your journey with photo studies, where you'll:

  • Learn to take captivating photos for painting inspiration

  • Practice editing photos for better horizon, exposure, and saturation

  • Create black and white, overexposed, and underexposed copies for deeper understanding

Dive into hands-on exercises and demos, such as:

  • Value studies with Gaussian blur filter for mastering color, form, and value

  • Thumbnail sketches for planning successful paintings

  • Underpainting techniques for laying the foundation of your artwork

  • Creating depth with force perspective and value adjustments

Progress to larger studies, where you'll:

  • Explore the use of palette knives for diverse textures and effects

  • Master gradients and color harmony to create stunning seascapes

  • Learn the importance of taking breaks and reevaluating your work

Finally, put your newfound skills to the test with practical exercises, including:

  • Painting in and refining your work with darker values for depth and form

  • Working with Gaussian blur to focus on shapes and make confident decisions

  • Adding top and bottom details for a polished, captivating piece

At the edge where earth and water meet, we confront our fears and unleash our creative potential.

Join us for Water Mastery, and let's ride this wave of inspiration together!

Water Mastery


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  • 1 Drill
  • 7 Plein Air Studies
  • 1 Studio Demo


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